What is the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom?

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fotografandoA introdução de câmeras fotográficas de alta technology fez com que as câmeras mais simples ganhassem maior popularização. Formerly it was rare to know someone who owns a camera with more than 5 MP, even more difficult was to find someone who had a digital camera. Currently the opposite occurs, the vast majority have a camera 5 MP, sometimes even higher, witMPconsumers who do not have camera, have their cell phones equipped with a camera capable of acting in a variety of situations.

The big question at the time of purchase of a camera is not always in terms of quality, But yes it has zooming. Many shops posing as highlighted in bold letters "10 x Zoom Digital 5 x Zoom" or "Optical". However, the consumer or at least know the differences, factor that leads people to opt for cameras with the highest number, thinking they're in profit. To end all this mystery for the zoom, We will explain how each, check out.

Digital Zoom — A puzzle-branch

The digital zoom is much lower than the 3 x optical zoom, something that is noted clearly on any image. It works through a camera's internal software, da mesma maneira como se você estivesse usando um programa de computer and increasing uma região da sua imagem. The big problem is digital zoom just about it, because it totally distorts the image.

menino tirando fotoImagine that you are photographing a room and shoot a frame that is resolved on the wall. To avoid having to move closer to the frame, you choose to use the zoom camera, However, you don't even imagine that his zoom digital camera was, and when looking at the display of the camera seemed to be a perfect image. Ao transferir as imagens para o computer, you end up noticing that the image is distorted, everything looks blurry.

That's exactly what digital zoom provides, blurry images, shaky and without quality. Most cameras have a very poor zoom software, factor that makes the image resizing to be bad. Few cameras even attain impressive results with digital zoom, because the software is programmed to distort the bare details of the image, However, the result is still lower than optical zoom.

Below you can see exactly what the cameras make when using the digital zoom.

zoom digital

Optical Zoom lens — enlarges the image with quality

homem espiandoBasically, optical zoom is the real zoom, because it really brings the image as if you were next to the object to be photographed. O zoom óptico funciona através de um game de lentes, where the primary focus is changed. The optical zoom would be more or less like a photographic camera glasses, i.e., the normal lens captures something, and to put other lens on the front of this, the image tends to increase, and of course, without losing any image detail. The optical zoom lens works much like binoculars, because he rarely cause blur in the image.

The cameras focused on amateur market, and consumers who have photography as a hobby, have the optical zoom with auto tuning, so that the user does not have to manually adjust the lenses. Professional photographic cameras already require manual regulator, being that the photographer must ascertain at what point the focus is better, so that the image becomes sharper.

Take a look at the picture below and check out how does optical zoom.

zoom optico

Zoom levels

If you have a camera, must have realized that the zoom has approach levels. Normally the optical zoom reaches 5 vezes, While the digital can reach up 20 vezes. The timess work exactly how you think, ou seja, "2 x" means that the image increases by two timesi.e.ja, the focus of the image is half (50%) than you were viewing, keeping the same amount of pixels and trying to keep the quality. Check out the image below to better understand.

niveis de zoom

On that occasions should I use Zoom? You can associate the Optical Zoom with Digital?

In fact, the use of the zoom should be avoided as much as possible, because even the cameras that have the resources to focus automatically, to stabilize the image and detect faces, can result in blurred images. To use the zoom, the odds of capturing blurred images are even greater, because the camera system is unable to stabilize the image to be captured.

The zoom should be used only in extreme cases, where you do not have another option, for example: If you want to capture the image of an animal at the Zoo, but not able to approach very, zoom can help you, but without the use of a tripod is very difficult to achieve a perfect image and static. Worth to note that if you use the digital zoom, the result is very bad and perhaps even a waste of time, After all, It will distort the image.

It is perfectly possible to associate the digital and optical zoom, However, the tendency is that you don't get a good picture, because any wobble in the camera will make the result a catastrophe. It should be noted that this feature is not present in all cameras, but those with allow including disable digital, in order not to lose time capturing images with a zoom that distorts the image.

Your camera has zoom?

Well, How could you view, the zoom is something common in the cameras and is a feature that people insist on using. Use the zoom really is something interesting, but mostly ends up resulting in a frustrating image and the loss of unique moments. Do you own a digital camera with zoom? Your pictures are legal results after using the zoom? Tell us your experiences — frustrating or delightful — with the world of photography.

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