Intel declares that will launch the new line of Atom, In addition to a word processor 50 cores

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The news announced by Intel in recent weeks show the entire company's interest to maintain and expand their markets. Almost all netbooks today makes use of the best-known models of Intel Atom processor, unparalleled in size and energy efficiency.

With any name that has created in recent years, the Atom family will receive new models coming soon, even smaller, probably 32 nanômetros (the current measurenanometertros), more powerful and with low power consumption. A ideia é manter a liderança em netbooks e expandir sua utilização também para other portables, as tablets and smartphones, What should happen early next year.

intel atom inside

Monster 22 nanometer

The biggest news was the "Knights Corner", o novo projeto de processamento para computers de alto desempenho da Intel. Baseado na technology Many Integrated Core (Many Integrated Cores), Intel will create a platform capable of performing trillions of calculations per second and still rely on the default rendering functions already known.

The aim of the project are areas such as exploitation, Search, development scientific, financial simulations, climate and several other similar situations. All this will be possible in a single chip 22 nanometers and even 50 fully integrated cores.

chip 22 nanometros

The first development kits for the new platform, called "Knights Ferry", It is now being sent to specific developers, that will start the tests already in the second half of this year. The idea is to expand the Intel support with an extensive amount of tools optimized for the architecture MIC.

According to the words of Kirk Skaugen, um dos maiores responsáveis pela innovation: "Intel Xeon processors and now the new products within the MIC architecture will accelerate the solution to some of the most challenging problems of humanity".

And for us?

As announced some time ago, for ordinary users the company entered this year chips with integrated graphics to the central processing part, In addition to the new six-core processors and the real news for laptops as mentioned earlier in the article.

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