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On the day 5 January 2010 Google released its first phone, the Nexus One with the Android, seu sistema operacional para smartphones.

But as Google started this project and on which it was based? To do this we will see this video telling a bit about the history of Google Nexus One, one of smartphones today's most desired, da sua concepção até o development.

historia google nexus one

Choose the hardware, materiais empregados na estrutura do celular e ainda o development de todo o sistema, It was something which took time and was well thought out and tested.

And speaking of Android, Today he excels in the sales iPhones the Apple in the US and Europe.

See the videos:

Shows the conception and design of the Google Nexus One, i.e., How was designed and created:

Vídeo que mostra a technology da tela e também o poder do framework 3D:

The tests done on your smartphone Google Nexus One before being released and its quality control:

The bulk manufacturing process done in the factory:

The use in everyday life and the benefits of smartphone, In addition to some of its interesting features:

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