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windows live messenger 2010The version 2010 the most used Messenger came with everything and is fulfilling what was indeed promised. It may be noted, at first sight, It is lighter and more efficient than the version 2009 that, Although heavy, (is) was quite incompatible with some computers due to the operating system or hardware.


As it says on the Microsoft Web site, This first beta version unfortunately is only compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, showing errors when trying to install on Windows XP. We expect the final version to be compatible with it, so that all users can enjoy the same.



As in the installation package 2009 (Wave 3), Windows Live Wave 4 account with various programs such as Mail, Messenger, Blog Editor, Movie Maker etc., Recalling that all services of the Wave 4 has direct sharing with other sites like MySpace, Facebook and Youtube.

Windows Live Mail 2010

Windows Live Movie Maker 2010

Windows Live Photo Gallery 2010


As the interface of the new Messenger, She is more extensive, with more content and integration with major social networks like MySpace and Facebook. However, there's still the possibility to go back to Classic view.


One of the great new features in Windows Live Messenger 2010 are the conversations into tabs, What could be done only with the help of the plugin Messenger Plus! Live. So do not accumulate a lot of open Windows. And another novelty is the facility to change status, in what can be done with just two clicks.


The interface of conversation Windows also had a small change, as the buttons that were all for the footer of the entry field messages. However, as for customization and configuration options, still in the same position.


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