Encryption method for failing banks

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Examining databases of approximately 7,1 milhões de chaves de safety, mathematicians and cryptographers Americans and Europeans discovered a major flaw in an encryption system used worldwide in shopping sites, banks, e-mails e diversos other services, and who should be highly secure and private.

O problema é que o sistema pede para os users inserirem o resultado de uma conta matemática envolvendo 2 large numbers, used to generate the key and kept secret. However, It is essential that these 2 large numbers are random.

And it was there that the researchers discovered the flaw: a small, but significant percentage of these numbers is not randomly generated, compromising security. Altogether, the researchers found 27 thousand keys that do not offer security, According to the American newspaper The New York Times.

“This brings up a warning that shows the difficulty of unwanted key generation in the real world. Some people find that 99,8% Security is a good thing”, says James P. Hughes, an analyst of criptopgrafia of Silicon Valley and work in research, explaining that the 0,2% can pose great risks.

Although the flaws may affect users ' individual transitions, There is nothing to be done for them. The change has to come from own sites, You must change the security measures on their systems. To resolve the problem, the companies têm de coletar as chaves públicas e remover as informações da internet, taking attitudes so that there is no leakage or theft of such data.

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