Google Wallet can be threat to all devices

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google walletGoogle Wallet – the Google tool “overrides” um cartão de débito e crédito e funciona pela technology de contato próximo NFC em devices móveis – pode oferecer ameaça aos aparelhos Android and iOS, According to reports the site The Next Web.

The news came through of the categorization site, Zvelo, and desconfirma Google information that security issues involving the Wallet impacted only devices with “root”, also known as superuser or administrator, you need to enable, for example, installing or uninstalling a program on the operating system.

Now, the same site confirms that both devices with root as the apparatus “unrooted” are affected by security issues. One of them shows that the PIN verification system can be easily replaced, and the data erased. In addition, celulares roubados poderiam ser o crédito pré-pago acessado simplesmente ao limpar os dados do usuário inicial e reinstalar o application do Wallet.

Google ensures that system is secure

The internet search giant Google has ensured this Wednesday the users Google Wallet, payment system for smart phones, the technology for mobile payment is more secure than cash or credit cards.

“Mobile payments are more common in coming years, and we will learn more as we continue to develop Google Wallet”, said the Vice-President of Google payments, Osama Bedier, on a blog. “Meanwhile, podem estar certos de que a carteira Electronics os protege de uma forma que o plástico e o couro simplesmente não conseguem”, added.

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