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O Google e outras companies de publicidade são acusadas de invadir a Privacy of users do iPhone para monitorar seus hábitos de navegação.

According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, o Google teria utilizado um código especial que enganava o browser Safari, Apple's, in order to track user behavior on the web. Safari has built-in protections against this sort of screening.

google rastreioThe newspaper quoted a study by two researchers at Stanford University, who discovered 23 sites, among the 100 main on the network, using the Google code in Safari.

Researchers have forwarded a report to Google telling about violations, and the company ended up disabling the tracking codes in Safari.

A Google spokesperson sent a press release stating that the temporary cookie is used by Google would only serve to create a temporary communication link between the Safari browser and Google's servers.

"We know this feature of Safari and used to provide tools that Google users had enabled. It is important to stress that these cookies do not collect personal information ", Google said.

According to Google, the purpose of the cookie was to ensure that the information exchanged between Safari and Google's servers to remain anonymous, creating a barrier between personal data and user behavior on the web.

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