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 google protocolo proteo atrapalha  Google decided to go with all the discussion about the protection the Privacy known as P3P, used by Internet Explorer, the Microsoft. The giant of Windows accuses Google of bypass the Protocol and following the habits of users by cookies. But the giant's communications Senior Vice President search, Rachel Whetstone, said, in a press release, the system used by Microsoft it “very little operational” and hinders the use of various resources on the web.

IE's default is to block third-party cookies from that site, in the case, has a protection Protocol compatible with P3P, that, among the requirements, is the commitment that the user will not be crawled. By press release, Google said that the Protocol of IE is exceeded, date of 2002 and does not match the functioning of “modern web”, as pointed out a survey in 2010 by Carnegie Mellon University.

In practice, what the Protocol asks for websites – and that Google considers as being “retrograde”, is the following: “tell us what kind of functionality your cookies will have and we must decide if we will allow or not”. According to the company's statement of Mountain View, about 11 thousand sites do not use the P3P protocol mode “authoritarian” that Microsoft requires.

In the list of sites that do not radiate as Microsoft protocol required are company's own sites, as the and In addition, According to a press release from Google, “It turned out that the Microsoft support Web site recommends the use of invalid codes as a “ugly” for the problem (of the Protocol) of IE”.

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