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The Finnish startup ThingLink and Facebook announced this Tuesday, 21, the launch de uma nova tool de marcação interativa em imagens, allowing users to create pages with interactive content in social network, the ThingLink Tabs.

Facebook navegadorO ThingLink Tabs permite que qualquer usuário crie uma página interativa no Facebook using qualquer foto que eles tenham adicionado, thus expanding the way people share content online on the network.

In addition to allowing users to mark their friends and location on your photos, the new tool allows bookings with audios, vídeos e other sites sejam feitas nas imagens. For example, who owns a blog of fashion you can use the tool to create links and markings on clothing items that were used to compose his look of the day.

The tool allows users to add content from other great sites on your photos as Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay, iTunes and Etsy.

“Facebook has a billion users, which means that if you have a company of any size doing a campaign online, the audience is there”, said to The Next Web Neil Vineberg, Head of marketing of the ThingLink. “The ThingLink Tabs for Facebook turns any webpage into an interactive experience”.

To use the new tool, users must have an account on the service and pay a monthly fee. The ThingLink Tabs is available in two different planes: the PLUS, with a monthly fee of $ 5 per month and the PRO, costing $ 20 per month.

The pictures with the ThingLink markings can be viewed on any website, apparatus e ainda podem ser publicadas e editadas no Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress.Org and

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