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In times when people do not desgrudam of their smartphones, a new term arose to designate those who die of fear of leaving home without their beloved as mobile phones: the nomophobia. The term, What is the abbreviation for “In MObile phone phobia” (phobia of stay without mobile phone), first appeared in 2008.

The SecurEnvoy, Mobile services company, interviewed 1,000 people and found that 66% of them suffering from this phobia, Having fear of losing your mobile. Other 41% have 2 or more cell phones to stay connected always, According to the English newspaper The Telegraph.

AND, It seems, women have a greater concern for their mobile phones. 70% of them suffering from phobia, contra 61% of men. Already if they have 2 or more mobiles, men earn with 47%, contra 36% ofagainst.

In Division by age, young people lead. 77% of persons between 18 e 24 years have the nomophobia. In the case of having betweenand25 e 30 years, the number drops to 68%. Another discovery of research is that 49% of respondents are upset because they have your messages read by another person.

THE safety was also discussed: 46% do not use any protection on your appliances, 41% use a password of 4 digits for access lock and 10% criptografaram your devices.

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