Japanese create chip that revolutionizes wireless data transmission

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One of the challenges of Electronics moderna é desenvolver sistemas que permitam a transmission rápida de grandes quantidades de dados por meios sem fio.

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The current networks of this kind, as the Wi-Fi, have a particular capacity, and its boundaries are evident when trying to stream videos, pictures and audios with increasing quality.

But this week, the Institute of Technology de Tóquio e a empresa Sony apresentaram um novo chip que surpreendeu alguns especialistas em tecnologia.

The fastest of the dumb

chip wifi sonyThe technicians who worked in chip claim that the device is the world's fastest in data transmission, able to send 6,3 gigabytes per second.

This means that in just a minute you can transmit 50 gigabytes of information, the equivalent of an entire disk Blu-ray.

The chip uses radio frequencies of 60 GHz on a very high level of efficiency. Another advantage is the low consumption of energy in the process.

According to Sony, the total consumption of 74 milliwatts of power causes the chip can be used on handheld devices without any great loss of battery.

So far, the transmission of large amounts of data with low power consumption was a challenge for scientists, they were unable to develop a type of technology that could operate with a common battery.

“This is very new and relevant”, told BBC Álvaro Araújo, the professor of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid electronic.

According to him, a technology like this will cause “all portable equipment to use this type of chip rather than work with WiFi”.

Araújo said that similar results have already been obtained in transmission via cables, but never in wireless media.

This type of technology may have an impact on the way that transmits high definition videos (HD).

Currently, You cannot transmit real-time HD video wireless, but the new chip opens up this possibility.

Despite technological advances, the chip is still a prototype and does not reach the market forecast.

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