Einstein was right about the neutrinos

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Einstein was right, After all. The discovery of faster-than-light particles, released in September 2011, was false alarm. Soon, the theory of relativity is still worth. Os físicos europeus que mediram a speed desses neutrinos supervelozes encontraram uma falha no experimento que invalida os resultados divulgados antes.

neutrinosTiny particles – with small even for mass standards of nuclear physics – and devoid of electric charge, neutrinos can pass through solid objects and have been intriguing scientists since the late 1960. O experimento europeu mediu a velocidade de um feixe de neutrinos viajando do Centro Europeu de Pesquisa Nuclear (CERN), in Switzerland, the underground Gran Sasso laboratory, in Italy, faraway 730 km.

The results disclosed last year indicated that the subatomic particles arrived at destination 60 nano-seconds before the allotted time by physicists. If this were correct, the neutrinos would be travelling faster than light, something that would run counter to the theory of relativity. Einstein has determined that no particle can be offset in the universe in higher speed of light, of 300 thousand km/s. Like this, the whole modern physics would have to be rethought.

Now, the journal Science reports that an error in the experiment has led to incorrect results. The guilt, say physicists, é de um problema na conexão entre o GPS and the computer, made by a fibre optic cable. Scientists had estimated the delay in transferring the data incorrectly.

Those who know the subject is not surprising with the discovery of the error. The news that the theory of relativity could be wrong ran the world last year. But no serious scientist signed underneath. O físico brasileiro Marcelo Gleiser, who teaches at Dartmouth College, in the United States, made this comment at the time: “I bet ten bucks that in two weeks they will discover the error”.

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