Study documenting engine failures requires that EPA reconsider increased ethanol in gasoline

17 may 2012 | In Engineering and science | 185 views | By

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gasolina postoPresident Charles Drevna of American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers issued the following statement in response to the report of the Coordinating Research Council., disclosed on the systematic testing of larger organization ethanol blends in vehicles the Environmental Protection Agency (Executive Agency Protection Environmental) says that support these mixtures:

“Scientific testing goals of Coordinating Research Council found disturbing evidence that the increase in ethanol petrol above the current 10% causes serious damage to the engines of cars. The study shows that a significant percentage of the cars tested suffered engine damage when replenished with 15% ethanol. These are the cars which have been approved by the EPA to work with E15 and represent approximately 5 million existing fleet vehicles in the u.s..

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