Message with the transformation of architectural landmark for the REDD in the Rio 20 Code

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Red Wood CuttingThe Obscura Digital, San Francisco preview company, in partnership with the Wildlife Works will offer a critical message about our planet, criando uma experiência de projeção arquitetônica em larga escala para o launch global da campanha Código REDD. On the eve of the Rio 20, a Conferência das Nações Unidas sobre Development Sustentável, the Arcos da Lapa, architectural landmark of the river, became a storyteller screen, revealing the devastating effects of deforestation through a show of sound and lights, followed by the premier of the film in the campaign Code REDD, featuring a scalable solution to save endangered forests in the world. The campaign seeks to catalyze REDD verified credits (Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) the private sector in the voluntary carbon market.

THE Digital Obscura tem iluminado marcos arquitetônicos emblemáticos ao redor do mundo com sua arte e espetáculos de technology, the Opera House in Sydney to the great mosque of Abu Dhabi, between other locations. This is the first time the Obscure team creates a show in Brazil; they came armed with the power to transform a historic public site on the River in a large scale messaging platform, com visualizações que concentram a atenção das pessoas sobre a necessidade premente de inserir a proteção das florestas como parte do diálogo sobre development sustentável na Rio+20.

The Arcos da Lapa, a century aqueduct 18 that is one of the main symbols of the river, were painted with vibrant tropical forest landscapes, surrounded by vines entwined, covered with a wooden mill milling, wreathed in flame and, then, the arches collapse in ruins, everything in sync with a soundscape.

The ruins, a short film from the award-winning Brazilian Director Jarbas Agnelli revealed itself through the arches by Obscura Digital, with a Scarlet Macaw who is reborn from the ashes, bringing the launch of Campaign Code REDD. The film tells the story of the global problem of deforestation and the new solution: the code REDD. The Obscure collaborated previously with Agnelli when he designed his short film “The birds on the wires”, at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

The launch event of the campaign culminated when a force field Red, stretching by 17,6 meters of the aqueduct, formed a protective mesh on forests, While the international audience of high-minded in Lapa accompanied the orientation of to increase their phones, glowing in red and raise your voice in support of REDD Code.

The Obscura Digital collaborated with Millennium ART in communication strategy for the launch of the campaign Code REDD; organizations already collaborated with acclaimed “CO2 hub″ in Copenhagen for the UN climate change conference COP15.

Event details: Arcos da Lapa, Rio, das 10:00 at 13:00, dof19 the 21 June 2012

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