CODIM opens public hearing on electronic communication via email

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Comunicacao EletronicaTHE CODIM – Steering Committee for disclosure of information to the market – places in public hearing the theme “Communication Eletrônica – Email “, within 19 March to 19 April 2012.

The Committee aims to disseminate best practices of capital market, thus encouraging companies to continue the ongoing dialogue with their strategic public.

The CODIM was founded in 2005 and already released 11 Pronouncements of guidance on: Teleconferences; Apresentações Públicas PerióTips; Restricted Meetings; Guidance; A material act or fact; Release; Quiet period before the Public Disclosure of the financial statements; Best practices for disclosure of Periodic Results; Start preparatory instructions for the reference Form; Electronic Communication – Investor Relations Website and period of silence in Public Offerings of securities Distribution – Manifestation in the media.

The coordination is divided between APIMEC CODIM (Association of Investment professionals and Analysts of capital market) and IBRI (Brazilian Institute of investor relations), and the 12 Member entities now are as follows: ABRAPP (Associação Brasileira das closed private pension entities); ABRASCA (Brazilian Association of publicly-held companies), ANBIMA PENALTY DISCLOSURE (Associação Brasileira das Entidades Financial and capital markets), FOR AMEC (Association of Investors in the capital market), ANCORD (National Association of brokers and distributors of securities, Exchange and commodities); ANEFAC (National Association of Finance Executives, Administration and accounting); BM&FBOVESPA (Bolsa de Valores, Commodities and Futures), CFC (Federal Accounting Council (CFC)), IBGC (The Brazilian Institute of corporate governance) and the INSTITUTE of (Institute of independent auditors of Brazil), having even as an observer to the CVM (Securities and Exchange Commission).

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Ref. Public hearing by theme CODIM ” Electronic Communication – Email “

Term: of 19 March to 19 April 2012



THE Steering Committee for disclosure of information to the market – CODIM ?, on the basis of their competence, that goes public, After you submit the matter in public hearing, approved, by decision of its members at its meeting held, This guidance Statement, What makes subject to the following terms:


An efficient e-mail distribution system is a vital piece in the disclosure policy publishes a publicly-traded company and should be used as a tool in the communication of information and accountability between the investor relations Area of the company and its strategic public. Trata-se de um veículo de comunicação e-mail que permite a uma companhia informar, communicate and promote its activities through the Internet. Correct articulation is decisive for the success of a strategy or policy on disclosure.

The Goal

1.The purpose of this Statement is the orientation of conduct to identify best practices and procedures in the communication actions by companies using email, using the digital medium of the Internet.

The General Considerations

2.The distribution of e-mails in great quantity by a company has to disclose their activities, conquer new investors or improve its network of relationships.

3.E-mail distribution uses electronic distribution channels to reach its strategic public quickly, so with, customized and more efficiently.

4.The distribution of emails is a simple way to connect and be remembered. This tool not only allows you to send targeted messages regularly, but also receive quick answers and achieve immediate results.

5.The adoption of a mail distribution system by a company allows this to achieve a number of benefits:

a. Proactivity – instead of waiting for the interest of your audience the strategic enterprise can find it;

b. Interactivity – the player interacts with the message immediately;

c. Segmentation – You can direct the message by different interest groups;

d. Customizing – the message can be easily customized with the recipient's information;

e. Measurement – the return of action taken can be monitored in real time;

f. cost x Benefit – both large and small companies can afford its cost, It is relatively low;

g. Uniformity – the electronic channels allow the movement of information without limiting recipients, and its communication on geometric progression tends to fight the information asymmetry between investors;

h. increase in quality of information disclosed – the electronic channels allow broad dissemination of information between and among these databases, distressed and market professionals, resulting in better informed investment decisions;

i. increase in the amount of information available – properly used, the electronic channels of communication reduces the space limitations and costs that commonly present themselves as an obstacle to efficient dissemination of information.

Of Confidentiality

6.The company must keep written and detailed control of who can send messages to communicate, in order to avoid the misuse of the instrument. The procedure of sending communications must be detailed and provide for all situations in which messages can be sent, those responsible and required authorization levels.

7.The company should give special attention to electronic communications with confidential content, by paying attention to the non-use of the instrument in this opportunity. If in doubt of how to classify information, communication professionals should seek advice of DRI for classification of information as public or restricted. Important to note that only employees authorized to adequately use of information should have free access to the content of those communications.

Distribution list

8.This is a private list and with a certain amount of email addresses from which a company can use to send a message to a large number of people at once.

9.The distribution list must contain only names of people or organizations with whom the company has an existing relationship. Customers may be included, suppliers, investors and individuals who have expressly shared your email address to receive information.

10.This distribution list can and should be used for e-mail distribution systems, widely offered in the market.  Choosing an email distribution system must take into account their ability to send a text to hundreds of people at the same time, to filter messages depending on your content and subscribe or unsubscribe from the mailing list names depending on the purpose or content of the message.

11.The distribution list from a company is an intangible asset fundamental relationship with the capital market agents. The company shall employ its best efforts in the construction of their own distribution list. Therefore, outsourcing this not recommended list. The use of undertakings which make distribution of information to the market it is recommended, but as a complement to their own distribution list.

Message formatting

12.The Internet brings us a new and powerful way to communicate. Communicate, in this way, means the combination of text, image, data or sound, in a single message. The physical frontiers disappear, allowing a company can segment and personalize your messages, passing then to communicate with their strategic public individual and personalized.

13.For a message to be effective and reach his goal, companies should give proper attention to the following aspects:

a. Title – The title is the only tool that the editor of a message has to capture the attention of readers. Who receives dozens of messages per day opens only the most interesting and discards the other based on title;

b. reasons for Sending – It is important to explain that the player received the message because it has a relationship with the company and that it has not been sent at random;

c. Message – Should be simple, clara, accessible, concise and go directly to point to be informed. It should be, still, avoid using abbreviations that do not follow the formal standards common in Internet writing today. This can serve to informal communication, but it is inappropriate for a formal relationship;

d. Links to Unsubscribe – The company must offer the reader the possibility to cancel the shipment of emails at any time;

e. Appendices – The company should avoid messages with many attachments or pictures “heavy” that can be barred in firewalls or email servers. We recommend the inclusion of hyperlinks for full access and facilitated via browser using the usual message “If you are unable to view this message click here”.

Data management

14.Currently, in the process of communication by email, not enough for a company to simply send a message to a large number of recipients. This is just part of the job. Moreover, the need to make sure that your email came to the Inbox of your contacts. This task is crucial to the choice of a distribution system that meets this need.

15.For a company to transmit e-mails to a large number of profiles and to succeed in reaching the Inbox of your attendee list is important to worry some elements that will make the difference between the finished message in Junk folder or reach your goal:

a. Find a technical solution that can prevent your domain is framed in anti lists-Spam (unsolicited email sent in bulk);

b. Prepare your messages according to the best practices of email communication widely publicized on the Internet;

c. Monitor complaints, invalid emails, Returns by saturated boxes, return per server unavailable, by Messaging too heavy, inactive profiles and unsubscription rates.

The Permission

16.It is essential that, to include a name to your distribution list from a company, There is the consent of the participant, that can be explicit, When he himself chooses to receive, or implied, characterized by a clear relationship between the parties. In the same way, It is essential to allow the recipient the option to unsubscribe at any time from the mailing list for which he received the email. This will be the company's distribution of the so-called Spam, According to best practices defined by the Steering Committee of the Internet in Brazil.

17.To obtain a valid permission of future participant of a distribution list must not be involved in the message name simulations. This should be explicit and clear language, letting your recipients know sharply with what they're agreeing. This helps the company to protect yourself from claims of sending Spam ensuring that your listings are “clean”.

18.For requests of inclusions through the investor relations Website, It is recommended that you be sent an email reply with simple instructions on how to confirm your desire to receive communications. This confirmation can be as simple as a link with “Yes” or just a response to the message.

The Unsubscription

19.The company must maintain strict control on the unsubscription from readers of communications. Must understand the reasons of cancellation at the address with the goal of improving your communications program and better serve your readers.

20.The company shall clearly inform participants of your distribution list to your unsubscription policy, indicating the period of removal of email address of recipients.

21.The deadline for removal of names from the list should not exceed 2 (two) working days, When asked directly by link of unsubscription of email and 5 (five) dias úteis quando solicitado por other meios. These time limits shall be counted as from the certified date of request.

Da Privacy

22.Each company must create its own privacy policy regarding the administration of your mailing list and disclose it clearly to the participants. This must be specific as to how the recipient information will be used. Commitment to protect and distribute your details is essential.

23.The company must look so that there is no possibility of diversion in their privacy policy, avoiding not only ethical problems, but also any legal problems.

The Measurement

24.Companies should have email distribution tools aplenty, that makes it possible to monitor the result of communication campaigns in real time (While the campaign is sent).

25.The distribution of email can and should be administered in the same way as a direct marketing tool, analyzing your return generated through reports and graphical analyses. The goal of this feedback (feedback) is to collect information that will generate distribution campaigns increasingly optimized information.

Message Archiving

26.Email messages must be stored securely and inviolable. Although simple opinion, flaws in this process can bring nice little consequences. A good archiving solution enables companies to meet transparency requirements of compliance officers, These are local or international.

27.Some of the points that should be considered in defining an archive of email messages:

a. electronic records of sent messages remain stored for a period of at least 3 years;

b. messages should be indexed so as to facilitate access by persons authorized;

c. keep track of accesses to message archiving system, also, for a period of at least 3 years; and,

d. the archive must provide double file in different locations, serving this as a system of back-up (backup).


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