Mobile ads will reach $ recipe 11,4 billion in 2013

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Mobile advertising is undergoing big changes due to increasing production of free content and technological advances. According to a survey published on Thursday (day 17), realizada pela Gartner empresa de consultoria e pesquisa de technology of information, mobile ads will have an income of $ 11,4 billion in 2013, an increase of 18,75% compared to 2012 it grossed $ 9,6 billion.

mobile adsEstudos apontam um growth acelerado ao acesso a banda larga móvel no Brasil e refleti nos números que a pesquisa aponta. “The mobile advertising market took off even faster than expected due to increased uptake of smartphones and tablets, bem como a incorporação de comportamentos de consumo em computers and devices móveis”, writes Stephanie Baghdassarian, Research Director of Gartner.
For Louis Farah Chowdhury, marketing director of Goomark Agency, the decline in print advertising is one of the reasons for this great impact in the mobile and the expectation of increasing mobile ads for years to come is even greater. "People's behavior is changing, they are increasingly entertained with their smartphones and tablets where they spend most of their time. The market needs to be aware of and monitor these changes, media buyers need to look at this scenario. Uma vez que as mídias online ganham cada vez mais importance na audiência dos consumidores, There's no way to get out of the virtual world ", evaluates Quota.

Consumer behavior

Google has partnered with Ipsos during the shopping season of new year's Eve and conducted a survey to understand the behavior of buyers online via smartphones and tablets. The study revealed that 46% people do research on the phone and then go right at the store to make the purchase and 37% They said they searched an item on your smartphone and have made a purchase online. 80% buyers of smartphones and 70% tablet users said they used your device with more frequency in 2012.

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