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Imagine being able to turn on the air conditioning, television or sound, close the blinds, check out the images from a security camera and lights of your apartment, without even needing to be home.

Estas são algumas tecnologias em automação que a Construtora Laguna está oferecendo em seu mais novo launch residencial, the EOS Barigui.

automacao-TouchThe system, accessed via mobile phone or internet, developed by the company Audiomax, with Crestron brand appliances – segment leader, with more than 70% the global market – is one of the differences of the enterprise of high standard, located on Rua Padre Agostinho, in one of the nobles of the city.

The engineer Pablo Motta, Audiomax owner explains that nowadays many builders offer remote access, but the Laguna was far beyond, because it offers an Automation in uses a single platform, being possible to integrate multiple systems.

“This greatly facilitates the life of the resident, making good housekeeping part programmable and accessed remotely, being tracked by a single touch panel, in the House, or remotely via and IPad, IPhone ou qualquer sistema Android”, emphasizes the engineer.

He goes on to explain that the package can be customized, According to the taste of each client, acrescentando novos devices, as ambient sound controls, individual temperature for each room, integration of home theater system, In addition to triggering and remote shutdown of apparatus, as TV and DVD, and heating.

EOS Barigui

Projetado para ser uma innovation na arquitetura residencial de Curitiba (PR), the building EOS Barigui, have transparent façade, composed of large panes of glass with solar control properties and panoramic balconies, that offer total visibility and an unrestricted view to the Woods of Copel and Parque Barigui.

With 29 decks, the project is signed by the architectural firm Baggio&Schiavon and brings a set of sustainable solutions, como pontos de energia para cars e bicicletas elétricas; accessibility differentials and convivial spaces in family, taking advantage of the region's green spaces. Are altogether 42 residences, with private area 212,66 m2 and up 4 parking spaces; In addition to 6 duplex and 2 triplex, with differentiated films.

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