Understand the technology of LED Televisions

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tv ledIn this respect, We will be showing him how to work the LED TVs and what are its advantages. Track and good reading!

What are LEDs?

The LED consists of a semiconductor, the same used in the construction of micro processor, only doped differently in order to emit light with different colours. Already exists within 25 years, It's just that the great difficulty was to produce an LED to provide a lot of light and also various colors.

In the past were only yellow and Red LEDs. Today we find blues, Greens, rosa, Finally, various colors. Ja are used in car headlights, traffic lights and even residential lamps. The big advantage is the low consumption, about 100 times less than a lamp residential.

tv led 2The Revolution

In addition to being extremely thin, light, unmatched quality and image play greener, the LED TVs have internet access and even animated roles. If you're thinking of switching apparatus, It is better to wait for the LED TVs.

In addition to tune channels through conventional video entries, You can access videos directly from YouTube or even enjoy it with programs in flash on the screen of the handset. If you prefer, sincronize todo o conteúdo multimídia do seu computer através de uma conexão Wi-Fi e assistí-los diretamente pela TV.

Still worried(the) with the price? Know that these TVs are already being manufactured on national territory and with accessible prices.

The differences between the current standards

tv plasmaPlasma

In Plasma TVs the screen operates with noble gas-filled cells,as the neon or Xenon, suffering an electric shock and turns into plasma. This whole process releases photon (light) and collide with a phosphor layer in front of these cells that make them shine. Each image is composed of 3 cells and each one covered with different color match (Green, Red and blue).

The combination of these 3 different colors in varying intensities generates the tones needed to produce the image. And for the simple fact of each cell to produce its own light, There is no need for any light to illuminate our screen.

Plasma TVs are more indicated for dark environments due to the fidelity of color and higher contrast, which is very good for those who like movies, because they offer more vivid colors and does not depend on light for this to occur, i.e., they have a very good image quality.

Também são muito boas pra quem gosta de assistir esportes e games mais modernos, because they offer what is called "dynamic resolution", that gives us a better quality in motion scenes. In addition, Plasma TVs are super suitable for large environments, because they are much easier and cheaper to be produced in larger sizes.

It is worth mentioning that there are components that can be very useful, regardless of which TV you buy, como aparelhos de Blu-Ray. Time to watch a movie using the HDMI cable, It provides a great help in image quality, a Home Theater for sound effects etc. There are several options for you to be very happy with your choice, the important thing is that you really know what you need and important to your satisfaction.

tv lcdLCD

The LCD TV works with the base being of a liquid crystal material, that renders an image more translucent or opaque depending on the electric current applied on it. Each dot on the screen is composed of three sealed cells full of this material and each cell corresponds to a primary color of light (Green, Red and blue). A lamp that generates white light is installed behind the screen and illuminates the cells making the image visible. The colors are formed in this way and thus combine multiple intensities of each of the primary colors.

LCD TVs are best suited for bright, fluorescent-lit rooms, This means that you can watch your program with a window in the back of your TV you won't see any reflection on the image, different from Plasma. Are also recommended for use with your computer or play those games more stopped, like the old days, because static images used to stain the older plasma TVs. You can also find LCDs available in smaller sizes, What is difficult to find Plasma models.

led tv multimediaLED

O processo de transmission das TVs de LED funciona praticamente como a de uma TV de LCD, porém a technology é um pouco diferente, i.e., instead of that white light in the background,There is a set of LEDs with the primary colors (Red, Blue and green), that causes the work of liquid crystal light filtering is much better done, getting more colors and pure with a much larger range. This technology also causes the light to be exactly equal throughout your time of use and there is loss of brightness or color change, regardless of whether you have a light is on or not. The Panel also enables better adjusting the intensity of the light.

expessura tv ledThe screens of LED TVs are much brighter, with much better contrast and colors more vivid when compared to LCD model, i.e., have a much better picture, because they are made with light-emitting diode in (LED). These TVs can also be thinner than the other (already exist with only 3 cm thick).

These TVs meet Eco-friendly standards (Ecologically Correct) because it does not require CCFLs lamps (Cold cathode fluorescent lamp) and are completely free of mercury. Do not use lead to fixing of components and causes the disposal and recycling of TVs can be made safely and without impact to the Environment.

The LED TVs also meet Energy Star standards, possessing a level of power consumption of up to 40% smaller than the LCD TVs of the same size.

esquema tv led


New in the technology world are emerging every day. Always appear televisions with better image quality, and reduced energy consumption.

In the present day, the options are well varied in price and quality issues. About LED TV, We cite above its qualities and advantages which makes, at the moment, the best in this matter. Still, It is interesting to find more affordable and have a view that the 3D TVs are coming and, In brief, dominate the market. Of course this process can still take some time, However, If one hand help us visualize evolutionary, It is quite predictable what's happening.

It is worth searching long before get your new TV set and, course, always opt for that best meets your needs and preferences.

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