Home office as a corporate sustainability strategy

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Leave the offices in the center of large cities has been increasingly an option the employee who is attracted to receive above the conventional levels of employment. That's because makes possible numerous benefits, as cost reduction (power supply, transport and rental), the increase in quality of life and proximity to family and still allows the management of own work schedule. In addition, helps to improve traffic, thus decreasing congestion and CO2 emissions.

HomeOfficeAccording to a study of Business School São Paulo (BSP), labor relations are increasingly for models who value the environment and employee satisfaction. Was thinking that what the founders of i-Uni implemented the concept of flexible working hours within the company, that is driven, mainly, by technology of information.

A proof of the growth of this new organization of the labour market can be obtained by the analysis of consumer habits. Today, about 20% people looking for an apartment to buy want a "home-office". Most builders are targeting their business for this market. On the other hand, nos últimos anos tornou-se cada vez maior o número de pessoas que têm acesso a computers com internet.

It is estimated that today, in Brazil, about 10 millions of people already work at home, According to data from the Brazilian society of Telecommuting and Teleatividades (Sobratt). And activities such as the real estate licensing, new real estate business model brought to the country by i-Uni Brazil, is a great example of this practice. The idea is to work in a decentralized manner, offering each core of employees the possibility to exercise its function without leaving home.

According to the Managing Director of i-Uni Brazil, Rodrigo Caporrino, the measure reduces the costs of personal offset, In addition to contributing to the environment. "Working that way, reduce the emission of pollutants by the burning of fuels in vehicles to transport the developer, It also works more willing not to confront the traffic chaos at peak hours ", says.

The Executive points out that all people who work on the network make a login on time they were hired by the company, making the same point control. In addition, a intranet permite comunicação imediata com o companheiro ou com os other departamentos, through instant messaging or video.

"If it is the case of hold meetings, are urgent or scheduled in advance with the team, We use the already consecrated Skype videoconferencing system ", says. Technical support to customers, a i-Uni utiliza um sistema onde o departamento de TI acessa qualquer computer através de um programa informático e resolve o problema no ato.

EnvironmentSeguindo esse exemplo de sustentabilidade, There is also a judicious policy of printing papers and documents held by i-Uni Brazil. This practice only occurs in cases of strict necessity, as a document to be delivered to a bank or important contracts for the provision of services to Licensee, generally required by some of the great real estate portals.

Their own invoices are issued electronic directly to the client's email. The goal is to save trees by non-printed paper, the reduction in the emission of pollutants by the use of printing inks and electricity by the printer that didnt work, for example.

According to Communications Director of i-Uni Brazil, Vanessa Rosal, Another advantage is the reduction of the physical space by the paper store, If it was used in all processes, would increase exponentially with the accession of new customers. "Finally, as a consequence of this attitude, We contribute to an awareness of our team through everyday attitudes that become a habit ".

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