Global Warming: object of a joke

6 March 2013 | In Sustainability | 1,4 thousand views | By

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Many European scientists are perplexed in the face of so-called "global warming". Antes de apresentar o problem que lhes queima a mão, the heralds of scaremongering wonder:

aquecimento-global-"What happened to that global warming would stay stagnant? And now, How can we explain this to the general public?”.

The important magazine “Der Spiegel” out in front to point the stunning European media, Governments and Ngos on the phenomenon of stagnation of the much touted heating.

Passed 15 years without change in climate and after interviewing many scientists, Axel Bojanowski, journalist responsible for German weekly science section, could see the enormous perplexity of them before it happened.

With effect, While the stagnation temperatures shows the uncertainty of predictions from alarmists, the public waits in suspense the IPCC report-UN, promised for September.

Bojanowski asserts that the environmentalist scaremongering is turning into a joke object in cults. And wonders: "How many more years of stagnation will be needed for scientists rethink their predictions of heating?”.

For him, os modelos de computer utilizados nos últimos anos falharam, and, Therefore, are not good. And ends its matter looking for arguments of supporters of heating with precautions to make you laugh.
I.e., for believers of anthropogenic global warming, This is yet to come. They just don't know when… This positively is not science, but joke.

In Brazil, Prince Bertrand of Orléans-Braganza already undid this farce of heating, stitch by stitch, in his book, Psychosis Environmentalist, released recentemente ancorado em renomados cientistas.

Read the book-Psychosis Environmentalist – behind the scenes of eco-terrorism to deploy a "religion" ecological, egalitarian and anti-Christian. Format 16 x 23 cm- 176 páginas – R$23,90 – disclosesção Editora Petrus.

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