Tablets emerge as successful trend in 2010 and cause “iPadmania”

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iPad hgConectados à internet, larger than a phone, but smaller than a laptop, the tablets have emerged as the most successful trend of 2010, to satisfy a generation which tries to stay connected all the time. The iPad, released em abril pela Apple, é um dos novos products mais importantes no ano.

Meanwhile, rivals try to dethrone Apple before it doesn't monopolize the market for tablets, in the same way that your iPod was in the market for MP3 players. Ken Dulaney, Gartner analyst, says that the “Apple nailed it and made his tablet a success”.

– There will be a lot of people trying to dethrone him, but it will happen as with iPods. Everybody wants a.

The lifestyle in the internet age paved the way for the debut of the tablets were successful, According to Sarah Rotman Epps, an analyst at Forrester Research . As semanas de trabalho se tornaram mais longas com o uso de apparatus que mantêm as pessoas constantemente conectadas com seus chefes durante a noite e nos fins de semana, says the consultant.

– Consumers are working all the time, eles têm menos tempo livre e menos money para gastar, but still want to maximize the leverage they have.

According to statistics from Forrester, 26% American consumers who bought iPads use them for work and for personal activities.

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