Avatar is the most downloaded film on the internet at 2010

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avatar vale“Avatar”, the highest-grossing film in history, It is also the most downloaded film of 2010 in internet, with more than 16 million of downloads, According to the specialized site TorrentFreak.

The work of James Cameron, it grossed about $ 2,8 billion worldwide since its debut in the United States in 18 December 2009 registered 16,5 milhões de downloads este ano através da technology bit torrent (p2p).

The data represents an increase of 33% in relation to the most downloaded film of 2009, that was “Star trek”, with just under 11 millions of downloads.

On this year's list, After “Avatar”, are “Kick ass – breaking all”, of Matthew Vaughn, com 11,4 millions of downloads; “The origin”, by Christopher Nolan, with approximately 10 milhões; “Island of fear”, by Martin Scorsese, with almost 9,5 milhões, and “Iron Man 2&with43;, com 8,8 million.

The list of the ten most downloaded works is supplemented by “Clash of the Titans”, of Louis Leterrier, with something more than 8 millions of downloads; “Green Zone”, of Paul Greengrass, com 7,7 milhões; “Sherlock Holmes”, by Guy Ritchie, com 7,1 milhões; “War on terror”, by Kathryn Bigelow, com 6,8 milhões; and “Salt”, Phillip Noyce, com with milhmillion

“War on terror” won the Oscar for best picture in the last ceremony of the gala Hollywood Academy Award.

Veja abaixo a lista complete, with movies accompanied by their respective global box office.

1) “Avatar” – 16,5 million ($ 2,8 billion)
2) “Kick ass: breaking all” – 11,4 milhões ($ 96,1 mimillion
3) “The origin” – 9,72 milhões ($ 825,4 mimillion
4) “Island of fear” – 9,49 milhões ($ 294,8 mimillion
5) “Iron Man 2″ – 8,81 milhões ($ 621,7 mimillion
6) “Clash of the Titans” – 8,04 milhões ($ 493,2 mimillion
7) “Green Zone” – 7,73 milhões ($ 94,8 mimillion
8) “Sherlock Holmes” – 7,16 milhões ($ 523 mimillion
9) “War on terror” – 6,85 milhões ($ 48 mimillion
10) “Salt” – 6,7 milhões ($ 175,1 mimillion

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