United Kingdom allows use of Twitter by reporters in court

22 December 2010 | In News | 151 views | By

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twitter smartphoneRepórteres que cobrem casos judiciais poderão postar messages no microblog Twitter, said on Monday (20) an important British legal authority, esclarecendo regras após as audiências do fundador do WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.

Assange's friends and journalists who attended the Australian's bail hearing last week might use Twitter from within the Court. However, another judge forbade the practice when a resource was tried in a higher instance two days later, causing confusion.

Under interim rules published today, autoridades aprovaram o uso de mobile phones nas salas, with priority to reporters, provided that disrupt the hearings.

Igor Judge, the most important legal authority in England and Wales, commented the novelty.

- The use of a modern non-intrusive equipment, of hand, virtually silent for the purpose of simultaneous reporting procedures to the outside world as they happen in court is unlikely to interfere with the proper administration of Justice. Poderá ser necessário ao juiz limitar as comunicações de texto ao vivo aos representantes da imprensa para usos jornalísticos e restringir seu uso pelo público General na corte.

THE work da imprensa nos tribunais britânicos é controlado rigidamente, with the television coverage and forbidden photographic and audio recording permitted only in special circumstances.

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