California creates law prohibiting users from creating fake profiles on the internet

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site senador joe simitianEntrou em vigor em 1º de janeiro in California, us Estados United, uma lei que pune internautas que criam perfis falsos na internet. The new standard provides for fines of up to $ 1 thousand or one year in prison.

The user will be punished if you create fake account to intimidate, threaten or defraud someone – not necessarily the person being represented. The law also punishes Internet users who post comments or send emails if passing by another person.

As the website of Senator Joe Simitian, author's project, freedom of expression remains protected and the law will not affect the parody, the satire and political speech, only those who pass by someone else on the web. Simitian begins o texto dizendo que “impersonate someone maliciously on the internet is not just a joke cruel. Now, This is a crime”.

According to Simitian, the new code is an update of the law of misrepresentation that was enacted in 1872. O senador alega que a technology trouxe novas ferramentas que tornam mais fáceis para qualquer um se passar por alguém. “The victims were in need of a law that would protect”, Simitian explained on their website, giving as an example the fake profiles of celebrities on Twitter.

The California Legislature unanimously approved the project, It was signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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