New virus attacks mobiles with Android

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androidOs usuários da plataforma móvel Android , Google's, may be the victims of a new malware capable of harvesting personal information stored in equipment and send them to a remote server, According to the security software firm Lookout Mobile Security.

Apparently, It targets Chinese language users of Android. We had knowledge about this new threat, After a user to write a post about the malware at a forum on the web, declarou o diretor de technology da Lookout, Kevin Mahaffe.

Called Geinimi, the application seems to be the first to attack the Google operating system with similar features found on botnets.

Researchers from the Lookout, who posted a story about Geinimi, descobriram que ele é instalado em smartphones junto com games legítimos, free both as paid, without that developers know that their applications are used as bait.

The adulterated apps can be found in third-party sites. Some already have been downloaded thousands of times. “We are contacting the developers to let them know of the case”, Mahaffey said.

The Lookout even studies the developers ' goal when designing the Geinimi, but various aspects have aroused great attention.

The malware communicates with a central server, that can, remotely, send commands to a mobile phone, How to download or uninstall a software. Claro, always requested an approval, but it is worrisome, já que ele pode ser uma tool para instalar outras aplicações perigosas”, said.

Another point that caught the attention of the specialist is that malware can contact until 10 different domains, used to send information to the remote server. Between the data sent are the location of the device and hardware details, as the number of the SIM card and a list of all installed apps.

Is his ability to stay in touch with multiple domains and get information from a central control, which guarantees functionality of a botnet, added.

Still, the Geinimi did not reveal any use involving profit or stealing bank details, por exemplo. “In fact, It could be used for anything, por exemplo,for example a network of advertising very invasive”, finalized Mahaffey.

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