Hackers discover flaws in newly launched app store for Macs

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mac app storeGrupos de hackers afirmaram ter encontrado falhas de segurança na recém-lançada loja de applications para Macs, Apple's. The new service was launched on Thursday (6) and brings more than 1 mil programas para computers e aparelhos Macs.

Second report from the BBC website, os hackers alegam ter descoberto como instalar e rodar versões não autorizadas de applications pagos. Logo em seguida ao launch, These groups released a series of failures that allow you to copy or share programs illegally.

One of the flaws, It only affects some applications, allows, When you copy and paste the purchase code, download a paid application for free. According to the BBC, all applications sold in the shop are examined in advance and need the approval of Apple.

At the same time, um grupo chamado “Hackulous” anunciou o development do programa “Kickback”, that allows pirate any application store. However, the group said that it will not launch the program until next month, According to the BBC report.

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