Mac App Store hits 1 million downloads in 24 hours

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Were required only 24 hours for Apple touch 1 milhão de applications baixados na Mac App Store (new shop company software), as was announced by the company during the morning this Friday (07/01). The store was opened 6/1, with more than 1.000 applications disponíveis para serem baixadas.

mac app storeIn a statement on the website of the company, CEO Steve Jobs said he is "impressed with the amazing response that the Mac App Store is providing. The developers did a great job to bring apps to the store and users are liking to see how easy and fun the Mac App Store”. In the same speed with which users downloaded your applications, problems began to arise related to piracy.

Despite being a good number,one million downloads in one day is not something as impressive as well, especialmente para uma platform com mais de 25 years of age. If the Mac App Store had only a fraction of the impact that the App Store for iOS had (cwith more than10 milhões de downloads no primeiro fim de semana de launch, in 2008), então o development de software para o Mac provavelmente ainda precisa de um empurrão. When Macs begin to be delivered with the Mac App Store pre-installed, the number of downloads should grow.

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