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Future? Just the name. You visit the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes, in São Paulo – SP, pode passar pela Campus Futuro e conferir diante de seus olhos as aplicações especiais que podem ser feitas com a Technology.


No exemplo acima vemos uma camera that identifies um objeto em uma mesa (in this case a mobile device) and simply remove the playback, in real time. THE technology não limita-se a um objeto, but this can also remove people, animais e diversos other elementos físicos.


The three-dimensional reality was a big step in technology. Today, In addition to observing, You can manipulate three-dimensional objects using body movements and turn them to your liking, eliminating the use of mice and complex designs.


Above we have a differentiated effect, but interesting. Some “geeks” are used to form the image on the screen, all in real time. If you do not understand the expression “some geeks” try to observe carefully the image reproduced. The pixels are formed by the faces of three people.


Did you know that you have a sound in your body? Isn't the voice, This is the physical part. With the example above we have a sound camera that captures the movement and physical lines of his body and transforms into sound. It seems a little strange (so why the sound does not have a set rhythm) but it is very interesting.

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