Stores sell games with overrider to protest high tax

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A project organized by an association, distribuidores e lojas de games vai vender neste sábado (29) three games released in recent months by $ 99, discount of approximately 50% the amount charged usually. The action, chamada de Dia do Game Justo, aims to protest against the high taxes levied on imported games sold in the country.

The games on offer are: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, both for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Purchases can be made from 9:0 until the end of the stock on network virtual store Walmart – physical stores of the Group did not participate in the day of fair play. Também dá para buy os games nas lojas físicas, from 10:0, in the units of the UZ Games in São Paulo and São José dos Campos, except the street Santa Infigênia. In Rio de Janeiro, the promotion is only in Cabo Frio (Square Mall). Still in Rio de Janeiro, participate in physical stores Game Tech networks and Babyinfokr. The store of UZ Games in Bahia is outside the project.

Ronaldo Pro Evollution Soccer 2011The Organization of the day of the game Fair will sell 5.000 parts of these three games and each buyer can take only one copy of each of the games.

According to Moacyr Alves Jr., creator of the project and President of Acigames (Commercial Association, Industrial and Cultural of Videogames), entity officially launched today, a carga tributária brasileira sobre os jogos é bem diferente da existente em other countries, as the United States.

- In Brazil, taxes for this type of product are totally out of the ordinary. We pay much more. Only the IPI [Industrialized products tax] and import tax represent 50% the price that is charged. There's still the GST [Tax on Circulation of goods and services], that is State and reaches 25%. Then, the entire amount paid for a game, almost 80% are taxes.

THE launch da Acigames serve, According to him, to press the Government for a change in tax classification of games and organize producers, merchants & players.

The second stage of the project, undated yet to happen, must offer more diverse platforms games.

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