IPv6 Special: that leaves 64 million addresses in Latin America

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The Caribbean and Latin America, are still available 64 million addresses in the IPv4 internet protocol version. The forecast was made by Neil Rickard, Gartner analyst, in an interview. "May seem very, but with the rates of growth We in Latin America, It is not ", said Rickard.

The specialist said that it is not possible to specify the proportion of this total which is directed to Brazil, Since the organ responsible for release of addresses is the Iana (abbreviation in English for Internet Assigned Numbers Authority).

The web is an important time of transition. The batch v4 account, in its entirety, with approximately four billion domains, of which, the vast majority has already been acquired by various users around the world. In this way, is it necessary to use the new domain model, IPV6, that, as the Internet Society, promote four billion times more space than the old generation.

ipv6However, There is a structural change technology important to be made for both IPv4 and IPv6 side by side on "peace". As new users use, for example, smartphones IPv6 generation, It is necessary that the telecommunication lines are able to provide signal to this type of apparatus.

The same applies to websites: a company that has its webpage in IPv4 model will meet readers who have access to the network by the Protocol. However, those who have entered the new model will not have. "An airline, for example, You may lose sales if your customer can't buy spells at site ", Gartnert specialist exemplified the.

Steps of Ant

According to Rickard, the global adoption of v6 walks the steps of Ant. "There are probably more adoption in United States military area than in the rest of the world together", said, explaining that a country's order stipulates that Government and military area must accelerate the use of new Protocol.

"One of the challenges of adoption is that many companies want to be an issue with another", He said the expert. For example: several companies use private address for your intranet solutions, flipping open sites just hand when they want to "talk to the world". "They don't have IPv6 addresses to URLs or even phones. They think: If there are people in the world who need to use the version 6, they need to translate, not me ", continued.

In this way, Facebook, Google and Yahoo have joined the network content provider Akami, the Limelight Networks and the Internet Society to the first big test of the global scale of the new internet protocol. The date chosen is 8 June 2011, the IPv6 Day (World IPv6 Day), which will consist of 24 hours of tasting of the new technology.

"This will reduce much the need for translation of internet traffic, by these entities represent much of the navigation ", finalized the specialist. The number of internet users worldwide reached the 2 billions of people, announced in the International Telecommunication Union (UIT). The number of cell phone subscriptions mobile phones also reached a number of milestone 5 billion.

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