Marathon games development creates 1.500 Games in two days

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Between Friday (28) and Sunday (30), 6.500 desenvolvedores de games of 44 countries, including the Brazil, tiveram 48h para criar um game de videogame no evento Global Game Jam. About 1.500 titles, According to the organisation of the event, with the theme “extinction” were created in the two-day event that, in the country, It was held in 11 Headquarters.

The opening of the marathon began with a video broadcast 170 participating venues to 5:0 pm (Brasilia time), with the organizer of the event featuring the theme. The original video was attended by Keita Takahashi,game creator “Katamari Damacy” and “Noby Noby Boy”, venerated by gamers.

game planetary plan cEmbora o prazo de criação e development seja curto, many games were developed. According to the specialist games website Kotaku Brazil, apenas duas das onze sedes brasileiras não enviaram nenhum game. PUC-PR Curitíba, sent 20 of 55 games that represented Brazil in the Global Game Jam 2011.

On the morning of Monday, According to the poll G1, o game brasileiro com maior número de visitas é “Planetary Plan C”, da PUC-PR, with almost 900 hits. In the game, the Solar System will be destrupido with the collapse of the Sun and the player must select elements of the planet to bring in a sort of Ark to another place. You can download the game This link (the texts are in English).

In the world, the game is most popular “Gravigate”, Mega Narwhal team Hurricane, with almost 13 thousand hits until the closure of the reportage. The game tells the story of a man named Roy and a witch named Steve who fight in an epic battle. Steve wants to do away with the Earth's gravity and Roy has the power “supergravitacionais”.

To see the games created in the Global Game Jam 2011, just click This link.

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