Brazil's biggest computer manufacturer hits record sales of PCs

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The Computer has announced that sales had a positive 11,3% maiores de computers in 2010 in comparison with 2009, with approximately 1,98 million units. In quarter, the company recorded an increase of 14,2%, with 553 thousand PCs sold.

The company sold 453,4 thousand computers no mercado de varejo no quarto trimestre do ano passado, representing the largest quarterly volume ever recorded in this segment. In the same period, were sold 28,3 thousand computers to businesses.

computador positivoThe participation of notebooks in total commercial products accounted for more than half of the company's sales, registering 52,2% in the fourth quarter.

- THE growth participation in this segment for the quarter was a result of good < to style = "BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px dotted; COLOR: # 000066; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" oncontextmenu = "return false;" onmouseover = ' hwPal1602277152. hwShow (event, this, "performance"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "solid"; ' onmouseout = '. hwPal1602277152 hideMaybe (this, "performance"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "1px dotted"; ' onclick = ' hwPal1602277152. aqkqhblqnaj ("performance"); return false; ' href = "#" rel = nofollow > performance of retail sales , com destaque para o launch do Positivo Unique 60, a notebook de entrada que foi o primeiro no Brasil neste form factor [Cabinet model] priced below $ 1.000.

In terms of prices, There has been a reduction of 8,3% average prices of PCs in the past quarter, impacted by lower sales to the Government sector and higher proportion of sales of notebooks.

- The reduction in average prices along with an anticipated pressure in some costs and expenses, can negatively impact the company's profitability in the period.

The company's net revenue totaled R $ 590,1 million in the fourth quarter, fall of 5% on the previous quarter and 3,9% annual comparison. All results must still go through audit and final disclosure sales balance on the fourth quarter will be released on the 1st of March.

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