Intel SSD drive series 510 promises high performance and should be released soon

31 January 2011 | In News | 174 views | By

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Codenamed Emcrest, a nova série de drives SSD da Intel deve chegar em breve para os utilizadores que buscam por products de alta speed. Only available in size of 2,5 inches, os novos drives estão em produção com a technology of 34 nm.

A nova série sera composta por dois devices: a with 120 GB and another with 250 GB. Both must be the same speed, reaching 450 MB/s for reading and 300 MB/s for writing. Second disclosesção da Intel, new disks have specifying 20000 Read IOPs and 4 KB 4000 Write 4 KB IOPs for.

intel ssd

The new Intel SSDs should arrive in February in the US. The drive of 120 GB will be sold for $ 279,00. SSD already 510 250 has established value in US $ 579. The Intel World Wide Web site indicates that these products are the most suitable for use with the new Intel Core processors of the line.

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