Government wants to implement broadband for less than R $ 30, says Minister

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The Minister of communications, Paul Bernardo, stated this Friday (4) que o governo pretende massificar a oferta de acesso à internet em alta speed oferecendo o serviço por R$ 35. If States give up charging tax on Circulation of goods and services (ICMS), the Minister said the figure may be lower than the R $ 30.

The increase in the supply of services, According to the Minister, part of the national broadband Plan (PNBL), que tem o objetivo de massificar a oferta de acesso à internet em alta velocidade e promover o growth da capacidade da infraestrutura de telecomunicações do país. He participated on Friday Morning program Minister, produced by the press Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic and transmitted by NBR TV.

ministro paulo bernardo During the interview, the Minister said that in addition to seeking ways to decrease the price of broadband access, the Government intends to improve the infrastructure. “We need to discuss the breakthrough that is to make fiber optic cable lines throughout Brazil, In addition to that already exist, for terms conditions of us equate with big advanced countries in internet. That's what we're working”, said.

O ministro disse ainda que o governo estuda reduzir o valor dos computers de prancheta com acesso à internet, known as tablets. “The Government is conducting a review of its industrial policy, including tax conditions. I mean, If you can give exemption for equipment, It's time to do that”, said.

Paulo Bernardo said he will meet on Friday with the Associação Brasileira da Indústria Electronics (Abinee) to discuss reducing the values of the tablets. The Minister informed that in the case of tablets, want to repeat the experience of the Lula administration, that reduced taxes for desktops and notebooks.

The tablets, According to the Minister, podem ser incluídos no programa Computer para Todos, which provides for the tax exemption of PIS/Cofins and granting credit lines to the purchase of computer equipment. “Sell 14 million computers in the past year. Now, Let's see if we include the tablet in the program”.

The Minister confirmed that the post office has an interest in being part of one of the consortia that will compete for the bidding of the high-speed train project linking Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Campinas. “We even get some money if you need”, said Paul Bernardo.

The Minister said that about 450 trucks make daily shipping volumes and mailings to the post office between Rio and São Paulo. According to him, the use of high-speed train by regular mail to the mail transport could generate cost savings and greater efficiency. “Is a good idea. We talk to the National Agency of terrestrial transports (ANTT) and they are discussing”, said.

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