Hotmail now manages additional e-mails from the same Inbox

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Users who have multiple emails, as those who use a personal e-mail account and another for work, agora podem gerenciar as messages recebidas a partir dos dois e-mail a partir da mesma caixa de entrada. The new feature creates the alias calls accounts, that just redirect messages to a specific account.

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“One of the reasons why people have multiple email accounts is not wanting any site has the real”, said Dharmesh Mehta, diretor de gerenciamento de produtos do Windows Live ao site Cnet. The user can create up to five aliases for your email from Hotmail.

The new feature is not yet available to all Hotmail users, but can be accessed through the access link “Options” and after “Account details”. You will need to create a new e-mail address to link to master account. De acordo com a Microsoft, the resource will come to Brazil soon.

Os e-mails do tipo alias já são oferecidos por other serviços de e-mail, like Gmail. However, in these services, o usuário cria aliases using o endereço atual, the symbol + and some other Word. However, with this method, any person discovers, with ease, What is the user's primary e-mail.

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