Apple says the iPhone 5 coming in July, newspaper says

4 February 2011 | In iOS | 153 views | By

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Verizon carrier systems are still down with so many consumers looking to buy an iPhone 4, but Apple has already hinted that the iPhone 5 coming in July (como todos os other iPhones, Incidentally).

iphonesFor those who follow Apple, é natural que a empresa lance seu smartphone no meio do ano. The question was whether consumers Verizon also would launch the new model, and will start to sell the iPhone 4 now. David Pogue, colunista de technology do The New York Times, made some questions for Apple and here's what the company has responded:

"We cannot say if there will be an iPhone 5 from Verizon this summer. But if you have, and you buy an iPhone 4 now, only with an old phone for five months. "

From this, We can assume that the iPhone 5 will be released pela Verizon e pela AT&T simultaneously in July. Obviously, a Apple não irá anunciar a nova geração do smartphone na Verizon a não ser dias antes do launch do produto.

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