Google challenges developers to hackearem the browser

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Nothing like having faith in own taco. A Google está tão confiante na safety do Chrome que resolveu elevar a premiação do concurso Pwn2Own, que convida desenvolvedores e hackers a quebrar a segurança do browser, for 20 thousand dollars.

The challenge, known by the name of Pwn2Own, will have its inception in CanSecWest, Conference on security held in Vancouver, in Canada, from the day 9 March.

google chromeInternet Explorer browsers, Safari and Firefox are also part of the competition, and the first to manage to hack them receive as a prize 15 thousand dollars, In addition to the machine on which the browser is running. The rules of the challenge for Chrome, However, are a little bit different, Since the browser from Google is the only one to use a ' sandbox ', feature that protects the software against external attacks, explains the site Computer World.

Despite the noble goal, that is transform os navegadores em programs cada vez mais seguros, many have criticized the contest, Tech Blorge site scores.. This is because many of the participants are able to achieve their goals quite quickly, leaving obvious who had discovered the security holes earlier and have refrained from communicating them to the companies until it was possible to win the challenge award.

Still, the Ipad is still quite interesting, from the point of view of developers, since once a hack is successful, the organisers become ' owners ' of that information, repassando-as às equipes de development de cada um dos navegadores, soon to provide the updates with the necessary corrections.

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