Rumor: iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 will be released in two weeks

4 February 2011 | In iOS | 162 views | By

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With the launch do The Daily e a recusa de Eddy Cue em dar mais detalhes sobre o novo sistema de assinaturas via iTunes Store, rumors about the new iPad and iOS 4.3 are with everything.

As 9to5Mac noted, a review of David Pogue on the iPhone from Verizon had a tip that was removed from the post. Said that the iPhone's competitor AT&T would win the hotspot function on 13 February, a Sunday. According to MacStories , There seemed to be a kick Pogue, but a fait accompli.

ipad 3gFor the iPhone from AT&T had such a function, you would need a software update. For the time being, only the iOS 4.3 (that is in testing phase) has the hotspot function.

John Gruber, Daring Fireball , also spoke within two weeks to the iOS 4.3:

In two weeks, Apple will announce the APIs (interface de programação de applications) for in-app subscriptions (and I suspect, devido à mudança na política de applications de livrarias, que há outras mudanças relacionadas às compras dentro dos programs). And then, Apple has released the new version of iOS with support subscriptions and the role of Wi-Fi hotspot.

Gruber was more cautious and made it clear that it is speculating dates. Apple, as always, refused to comment on the matter. Os rumores de que o novo iOS chegará em duas semanas vieram da suspeita dos motivos do The Daily ser free durante este tempo.

Mac Rumors brings yet another rumor. The site claims to have heard that Apple is planning an event next week, where the second generation of iPad would be presented. However, the story says that Apple would announce the event as the release of iOS 4.3 to launch the subscriptions to publications via the iTunes Store and the iPad 2 It would be the traditional One more thing to the end of the keynote.

By the time this note was written, Apple had not triggered calls by calling the press up to your campus.

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