HP ‘ TouchPad tablet launches’ to compete with Apple and Google

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HP revealed on Wednesday (9) the device that marks his entry into the race of tablets.

HP's bet is that the release of “TouchPad”, in June, go to position the company in the market dominated by iPad, Apple's, and by devices that run the Google operating system, Android.

hp touchpad tabletThe tablet screen 9,7 inch wheel the webOS software, the Palm, company acquired by HP in 2010 for $ 1,2 billion.

With the release, a HP mostra acreditar que ainda há espaço para outro sistema operacional para dispositivos móveis no mercado – depois de News de que a Nokia deve abandonar seu próprio software para usar o sistema da Microsoft ou do Google.

“Currently, We are applying all our potential to build products that put us as leaders in creating connectivity”, said Todd Bradley, Vice-President of HP in event held in San Francisco (USA).

O novo tablet da HP conta com rápido acesso a e-mails e dispõe de applications para adquirir e ler livros digitais. The price and other details of the “TouchPad”, which has Qualcomm chips and supports vídeochamadas, will be announced later.

New smartphones
HP also announced two new smartphones, the “Veer” and the “The Pre3 Release″, equipped with webOS, GPS incorporado e câmeras de 5 megapixels.

THE “Veer”, the size of a credit card, shall not be placed on the market in the USA from March, and the “The Pre3 Release″, more thought for professional use, available from June, apesar da HP não ter divulgado os preços dos dois releases.

smartphones hp veer pre3

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