Obama wants to take wireless internet 98% of Americans

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The President of the United States, Barack Obama, will announce this Thursday (10) a plan to expand the wireless internet access in the country for 98% of Americans. During trip to Michigan State, Obama will propose $ investment 5 billion in a fund to take fast connections web wireless for rural regions.

presidente obamaThe u.s. Government supported the measure to make 500 megahertz de espectro ao longo da próxima década para atender à crescente demanda por services Broadband.

The Federal Communications Commission in the country (FCC) hopes to reschedule the spectrum 120 MHz through auctions where television broadcasters like CBS will deliver frequencies in Exchange for a portion of the resources raised in auctions. The White House says that it expects the auctions and the more efficient use of the spectrum show 27,8 billions of dollars in the next decade.

In addition to the Fund to help the country's rural regions, Obama will propose $ investment 3 billion of resources obtained in “pesquisa e development of technologies e aplicações emergentes de comunicação sem fio”, White House says in a statement issued before the US President's trip.

The Obama budget also will propose $ 10,7 bilhões em investimento no development de uma rede sem fio de apoio a agências de safety pública.

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