iTunes has almost 65% online movie sales 2010

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The iTunes Store is the number one seller of 2010 in films in the United States, controlling about two-thirds (64,5%) of the total market, According to the IHS Screen Digest – company that analyzes videos via streaming and electronic sales of movies.

The virtual shop focuses on selling digital media instead of rent, as what is offered by Netflix, that has not entered the rankings for not perform sales. A segunda colocada é a Microsoft, which sold 17,9% the movies available. United competition (Zune Video, Microsoft's; PlayStation Store, from Sony; the VOD, from Amazon; and Voodoo, Wal-Mart) hardly reached a third of market share.

In 2009, Apple had 75% from the market. According to the website Electronista , a empresa conseguiu segurar a concorrência com o launch do iPad e a atualização da Apple TV, que também estimulou o growth of services como o Netflix. Apple sees the streaming and renting videos as supplementary to the iTunes Store, já que os users que alugam filmes são mais propensos a comprá-los.

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