Smartphones mobile data networks congest, says ITU

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The smartphones estão provocando um sério congestionamento nas redes mundiais de dados para aparelhos móveis e os governos precisam agir rapidamente para garantir o growth da banda larga sem fio, said the head of the International Telecommunications Union (UIT), This Friday (11).

Devices like the Apple iPhone consume five times more data than traditional phones, reducing the ability of the band to assist users in many locations, said the Secretary-General da UIT, Hamadoun Toure.

Though carriers have invested billions to modernize and expand the ability, assim como a performance das redes, There are data congestion in New York, London, San Francisco e other locations.

iphone pronto“We still see users frustrated by having to face serious problems with unavailability of networks”, Toure said in a statement, reinvindicando largest national planning.

The number of smartphones in use worldwide should reach 2 billion in 2015, being that today already operate 500 millions of them, According to the ITU, American Agency headquartered in Geneva.

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, announced plans to expand the high-speed wireless internet for 98% of Americans and free up more space in the spectra of wireless networks over the next decade.

According to data from the ITU, only 98 countries have plans for the issue of broadband, Although 90% the world already has some sort of signal for mobile devices,

For the time being, operators are dealing with problem users who consume a lot of penalising band, among other measures, He said the ITU.

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