World data storage capacity is 295 exabytes

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The ability of mankind to store information was measured by scientists. The study, published in the journal "Science", estimates that, until 2007, the amount of data stored is worldwide 295 exabytes. This equates to approximately 1,2 1 billion hard drives.

martin hilbert estudo capacidadeScientists have reached the number to calculate the amount of data stored in 60 technologies analógicas e digitais entre 1986 and 2007. According to the BBC, Researchers assumed all, desde discos rígidos de computer até obsoletos disquetes e microchips de cartões de crédito.

The study showed that, in 2000, 75% the information was stored in analogue formats, as video cassette. Already in 2007, 94% of the digital data were. THE Search aponta a chegada da era digital em 2002, first ano em que a capacidade de armazenamento digital ultrapassou a analógica.

Two zettabytes of data
"If we get all this information and store it in books, We could cover the whole area of the USA or China in three layers ", explained Martin Hilbert, the University of Southern California, the BBC. If the same information is stored digitally on CDs, the stack of disks created could reach the Moon, the researchers say.

The study results also showed that the humanity passes about 2 zettabytes of data (1 zettabyte is 1 1000 exabytes). This is equivalent to 175 newspapers per person, per day.

O armazenamento de computer tem sido tradicional medido em kilobytes, After megabytes and, now, gigabytes. Then comes terabytes, petabytes and exabytes. A exabytes equals 1 billion gigabytes.

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