Google's Chief Executive says there are signs of new internet bubble

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Há fortes sinais de que uma nova bolha está se formando com a excessiva valorização das companies of internet, said the Chief Executive of Google, Eric Schmidt, in a magazine interview on Thursday Switzerland (10).

eric schimidt googleQuestionado sobre as valorizações de companhias como o Facebook e a desenvolvedora de games Zynga, Schmidt told the magazine Bilanz that “There are strong signs that a bubble is forming”.

- But the ratings are what they are. People believe that the actions of the internet companies will have great sales in the future.

The Wall Street Journal revealed on Thursday that Google, Facebook and other companies discussed, without great pretensions, the possibility of acquiring Twitter, estimating the value of the company at up to $ 16,7 bilhão ($ 10 bibillion

Asked if he planned to stay four more years on Google to receive compensation in shares with the value of R $ 167 million ($ 100 million), Schmidt said that is his intention.

Google said, in the past month, Larry Page, one of its founders, the Executive Presidency from 4 April, When Schmidt will become Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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