Brazil arrives at 4th position in the ranking of countries that sell PCs

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A study released by IDC Brazil revealed that were sold 13,7 million computers in 2010 in the country, being 55% desktops and 45% notebooks. O número representa um growth of 23,5% ante 2009.

computadorA movimentação levou o Brasil à 4ª posição no ranking mundial dos países que mais vendem computer in the world. Firstly is the United States, followed by China and Japan.

In the last quarter of 2010 were sold 3,6 million of equipment. Of this total, 52,5% were desktops and 47,5% notebooks. At the beginning of 2010, IDC predicted that the market would reach the mark of 13,2 million computers, However, due to fierce competition between manufacturers, the number was 3,6% best.

Throughout the year, 65% the computers were sold to home users and 35% for the corporate market, incluindo os segmentos de educação e governo. According to the IDC study, in 2010, the total sales of notebooks for home users was 30% higher than that of desktops.

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