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Unanimously, os cerca de mil trabalhadores da technology da informação do estado de São Paulo que participaram da assembleia realizada neste no sábado (12) by Sindpd, decided to enact State of strike and collective bargaining ticket on labor courts.

“You left us no alternative. The category is cohesive and aware that the outage and the labour courts is the best way for us to win our right, which is to have a decent increase, food stamps and PLR”, says the President of the Sindpd, Antonio Neto.

prof salarioIn his speech, the President has made a history of negotiation and explained to the workers as the movement will continue. “The Sindpd will notify the society, by law it must make an announcement in the newspaper contracted companies and it service providers. We're in a State of strike and we have the right to paralyze the activities of companies, starting by integrating the employer Committee”, says Antonio Neto.

The workers ' wage bargaining you was interrupted in January after four rounds of discussions between the employer and the Union Sindpd. The main claims of workers are 11,9% of linear salary increase, development de plano de Participação em Lucros e Resultados (PLR), meal allowance of $ 15 per day and expansion floors. The employer Union offers wage readjustment of 6,47%, index that only resets the inflation, and refutes all the other requests.

According to the law on strike, for being considered essential service, the Union must publish a notice in a newspaper of wide circulation, to inform holders and companies providing it services. After 72 hours of publication, workers can start at outages, that can be generalised or one-off. Also according to the law “It is prohibited the termination of an employment contract during the strike, as well as the hiring of replacement workers”.

During the Assembly attended by all regional workers Sindpd. Among them, caravans of Saints, Ribeirão, Sorocaba, Campinas and Araraquara. However, the largest number of workers present was the capital and metropolitan area, even in the face of demobilization attempt sponsored by some companies.

One of them, for example, Totvs, offered a barbecue for workers at the time of the Assembly. “TOTVS scored a BBQ today in new building, Maybe just avoid the presence of officials. A shame our RH”, commented one worker.

Outro Professional da HP/EDS comentou o fato da empresa ter reajustado os salários pela inflação antes da assembleia. “Advance 6,47% without that negotiations have been implemented demonstrates that this strike be held, trying to please the employee, posing as an exceptional company that this worker's side.

Today I want to STRIKE, not for the money, but by the respect and appreciation of this class which ensures exorbitant profits on an essential service companies in a capitalist world that needs to have the best YOU every second”, said.

Para o secretário General do Sindpd e coordenador do interior, José Gustavo Oliveira Netto, the presence of workers of the interior is very important for this decisive moment category. “It is essential to involve all. Much of the interior, how much of the capital. We need together, fight for a decent meal aid. You can't live with aid coxinha. We have the strength, up and at 'em”, stresses.

The vote for the deliberation of State of strike was unanimous among the gifts. “We need to blow up, out on the streets, the squares, companies. Workers United will never be defeated”, ponders the Director Paulo Teixeira Savoy. “We know that together we are stronger and we can claim it's fair. This is a historic moment for our category”, the Vice President Antonio João Nunes full Gomes.

In total there were four rounds of negotiation with the employers ' Union. However the Sindpd did not receive a positive return. Since 31 January when negotiations were suspended, the Union held several demonstrations. In addition to the almost 40 thousand members who received the call during this period, the Union sought to achieve the major companies at this stage of mobilization.

It is worth remembering that employees of other companies have already been mobilized by the presence of the directors of the Sindpd as Stefanini, CPM Braxis, Prodesp, Prodam, BRQ, Softtek, Datasist, Prologos, Adp, Orservice, Tecban, Tecnoset and Spreed.
“The employer is able to offer and pay more. We have all the data of the profitability of the sector. Todos os dias os jornais publicam News afirmando isso.

See some examples: Stefanini IT acquires two companies and already plans to new acquisitions; Shops in the USA and Stefanini Colombia; 2011: a milestone for the it industry; companies spend $ 62 bi with YOU; Brazilian it market will grow 13% em 2011, design IDC; Totvs's profit grows 14,6% emin010, to R $ 137,8 million; Brazilian it market will be $ 25 billion in 2011; HP's profit grows 16% in the first fiscal quarter; IBM's profit reaches $ 5,3 billion in Q4. We want companies to profit, but this profit is divided, that value the commitment of the worker”, said Antonio Neto.

In 2010, the Brazil had the largest growth in recent 26 years. According to the international consulting firm Gartner, the growth forecast for the companies in the it sector is 12 the 15%. In the segment of YOU labor is responsible for 70% the cost of the final product, the production depends on workers unconditionally.

“This causes outrage, We know that there is a lot of money to give real increase. They are in need of workers then this is the time to charge what is ours by right”, analyzes the principal Svitlana Bittercourt. To give you an idea, an industry that grows 4 a 5% the year is considered of high yield. The it segment posted an increase of 15 a 20% then the past year.

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