Prices of memory chips may increase with earthquake in Japan

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Toshiba, segunda maior manufacturer de chips de memória flash NAND, atrás da Samsung, closed its factories after the devastating earthquake and tsunami on Friday.

Its plant in Iwate, the closer to the location of the earthquake, manufactures microcontrollers, mas a companhia não tem still nenhuma informação sobre possíveis danos, said a spokesman.

chipThe main factory producing NAND chips gets farther south on the coast, in Yokkaichi, near Tokyo, and it probably wasn't seriously affected, second He.

The analyst Andrew Norwood, Gartner, stated that the earthquake and the tsunami can affect prices in sight, mas não devem ter impacto de longo prazo no market. “Particularly the cash market tends to react with savagery to any type of uncertainty or doubt”, said.

Sony closed six factories, two at Fukushima and four in Miyagi, including a charge of produce coupled diode laser used in DVD players, Blu-rays, CD ROMs and Playstations. The Panasonic interrupted the production.

The analyst Mark Harding, the Maxim Group in New York, stated that the earthquake clearly will have a negative impact on Sony, Although it is too early to say what will be the extent of the damage. “But that moment is typically the weakest in terms of consumption”, said.

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