After alleged flaws in the painting, Apple launches ‘ in weeks’ iPhone 4 White

18 April 2011 | In iOS | 236 views | By

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iphone4branco modWhen Steve Jobs joined the Yerba Buena Center, in the past year, to present the new generation of the iPhone, never could have imagined that a simple color give this much headache. Months and months later, ainda não temos a version em cor banca do iPhone 4 available for sale. But that's about to change soon.

Citing 3 sources familiar with the situation, the magazine "Business Week" says that we can expect a — finally! — iPhone release 4 White in "some" weeks. The exact date still does not exist, mas é sinal de que a Apple resolveu os problems que a impediam de distribuir o produto.

The iPhone most rare of all time apparently had trouble on white paint, with their Peel surface depending on the temperature in the environment. Claro que isso não condiz com o padrão de quality Apple's, the point of being there 10 months waiting for the second color option from iPhone.

However, Brazilians should not be very happy with the news. Most likely Apple launch the iPhone distribution 4 White for the most important markets. Europe, Estados Unidos e Japão possivelmente are bem na frente na lista de espera pelo novo produto, While the Brazilians must appear at the end. It's always been that way.

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