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IpadIf you have an Ipad, Ipod or Iphone eBay will pay to get it out of your hands.

O mercado online se ofereceu para pagar as pessoas pelos apparatus quebrados da Apple atráves do programa “Instant Purchase”, que permite que as pessoas que possuem algum aparelho aple quebrado possa ganhar money com ele , even if faulted.

EBay announced on Monday that will propel this promotion until the day 30 April. A broken Ipad will cost about 150 dollars, an Iphone is damaged a little more 100 dollars and that “Ipodzinho” there in the corner of the drawer for months already,You can earn up to 50 dollars with him.

But what does this mean? Quer dizer que o eBay vai revender products usados Apple?

Not ! , Trata-se de uma partnership com a CExchange, a recycling company eletônica, you want to pay for damaged widgets, renew them and then sell on eBay. O eBay faz o marketing do programa de venda instântanea e recebe uma comisão da CExchnage cada vez que a empresa  vende um produto  no mercado online.

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