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On Tuesday theGoogle anuciou que irá trazer uma tool semelhante a da Wikipédia em seus mapas, where users can contribute to changes in areas they know well and add them to your map, mas para serem adicionadas precisarão  ser aprovadas por other users.

The tool calledGoogle Map Maker, é mais uma forma que a google encontrou para increase a interação dos usuários com seus produtos, that has already been used in more than 183 countries, in most, countries with remote regions, where the maps weren't good, and this is the first time that the map maker has been available to the u.s..

The users can add names and descriptions of the bairoo residence, causing all who live in the same neighborhood can know better the location, and these may be OK for changes, or deny, and it even has the ability to plot new ways and shorten existing paths in order to facilitate mobility in the region.

But this google tool is not the only segment of, in the past year, o serviço de monitoramento na internet, the MapQuest introduced a service similar to google based on a product called OpenStreetMap.

The main idea behind these projects is to make people know their own neighborhoods with a greater level of detail, being able to indicate to the people who don't know the neighborhood.

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